About Your Bill

Payment for Services

billingIn order for Creekside Medical to continue providing high quality health care, it is important that charges be paid in a prompt manner. Creekside’s payment policy states that payment is due upon receipt of your first statement. Unless covered by insurance, payment can be made in cash, by personal check, or by credit card. There is a charge for checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Many insurance plans require copays for certain types of services. Full payment of these copays is required before services are rendered. If you have any questions regarding your copays or insurance benefits, please contact your employer’s benefits office.

Insurance Processing

Creekside will prepare and file claims with patients’ insurance companies as a courtesy. Delayed insurance payments do not relieve patients of their obligation to pay balances when due.

To ensure rapid resolution of insurance claims, it is vital that the office has accurate and up-to-date information. It is the patient’s responsibility to supply this information and to keep it current. When any changes occur in your insurance coverage, name, address, or phone number, please immediately inform the patient account representative when you are in the office, telephone the billing office or update your demographics via the patient portal.  You also may be asked to update insurance information when you are scheduling an appointment. Periodically you may be asked to provide an updated signature for office files giving consent to bill your insurance.

Fees at Creekside Medical

Creekside Medical has a policy extending discounts to uninsured patients. Discounts are granted if payment is made in full within the established guidelines. The policy allows patients who are paying for their medical services out-of-pocket to receive pricing comparable to those who have discounted fee schedules as a result of rate negotiation with insurance companies.

If you choose to receive services that will not be covered by your insurance plan, (or are not likely to be covered), you may be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) or a Notice of Patient Financial Responsibility form as an agreement that you are responsible for payment.

If you have any questions concerning your account or about payments, please call our billing office at 360-566-9355.