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Mental Health During COVID-19


“Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation”
-Audre Lorde

One of my favorite quotes could not be more timely! Anxiety, fear and grief are all very important and normal emotional responses to our current situation.

Allow yourself to observe and experience these feelings without judgment and with compassion towards yourself! This is basic mindfulness – self-observation without judgment.

Here are some ways to mitigate these feelings when they get big:

  • Take a moment to sit still and focus on your breath, breathe deeply and slowly, slow it down as much as is comfortable. Count your breaths.
  • Make sure you are nourished, and well-hydrated
  • Moderate the amount of exposure to media information – it is important to be informed, but not overwhelmed.
  • Develop a routine: make a schedule for yourself and try to keep it.
  • Make sure that you engage your physical body is whatever way works for you: simple yoga, at home exercises, going for a walk if you can.
  • Simple repetitive movement is particularly helpful.
  • Fresh air and nature are important. Try to engage in whatever ways that you can.
  • Try to stay connected in the ways that you can to the people who are important to you. Schedule times to interact virtually, so that you have things to look forward to and count on.
  • If you are living with others, create a space for yourself where you can be alone and quiet. Let the others know that when you are in this space, not to disturb you.
  • Remind yourself regularly of the things that you are grateful for! This is an important and research-tested practice!
  • Try to help others when you can.
  • Create whatever you can, when you can.
  • Take care of yourself, and reach out for help if you feel the need.
  • I myself, am offering sliding scale teletherapy, and can be contacted at , or by voice or text at 971-285-4594

Eliot B. Altschul, Ph.D.