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The most current information can be found here:

Those in Phase 1a and Phase 1b Tier 1 are now eligible to be vaccinated.

Phase 1a

  • Tier 1:
    • high-risk workers in health care settings
    • high-risk first responders
    • patients and staff of long-term care facilities
  • Tier 2 (after completion of Tier 1):
    • all workers in health care settings

Phase 1b

  • Tier 1:
    • All people 65 years and older
    • People 50 years and older who live in multigenerational households

      There are two categories of people who are eligible under the “multigenerational household” definition:

      1. People who are 50 and older AND are not able to live independently AND are either:
        • Receiving long-term care from a paid or unpaid caregiver OR
        • Are living with someone who works outside the home
      1. People who are 50 and older AND are living with and caring for a grandchild.

        No one younger than 50 years is eligible, and no one 50 and older who is caring for a partner, friend or child is eligible.