Concierge Care Coming to Creekside Medical this September!

 Dr. Nopachai and Dr. Speaker are making a change!
Beginning September 2024, they will be practicing in a concierge model.

Concierge members will benefit from:

  • Direct communications with your doctor, even after hours for urgent needs
  • Same or next business day appointments for acute care
  • Little to no waiting in the reception or exam room

This highly personalized level of care allows for time to focus on preventive medicine and long-term health and wellness.

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Putting “Care” Back in Healthcare

Primary Care for the Entire Family

It is a privilege to serve you and your family’s medical needs.

We Treat You Like Our Own Family

Care for a Lifetime At Creekside Medical

Welcome to Creekside Medical!

Whether you are looking for primary care for yourself, your child or your entire family, we would love to care for you.

Creekside Medical’s doctors are all Pediatricians who have been certified by the American Board of Pediatrics as well as Internists, who have been certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Our doctors have completed an intensive, four year residency combining training in Pediatrics AND Internal Medicine.

Med/Peds doctors are similar to Family Practice physicians but receive more intensive training in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, enabling them to provide specialized care for the whole family.

It’s exciting that parents can have a board-certified Pediatrician for their children and can see the same board-certified Internist for their own health care needs.

We’re humbled when multiple generations of families enturst their care with us at Creekside Medical.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing You’re in Capable Hands

Experience Concierge Primary Care with Dr. Nopachai and Dr. Speaker

Concierge, or personalized care, doctors intentionally limit the number of patients they see, allowing for multiple patient benefits including:

  • Direct communication with your doctor after hours for urgent issues.
  • Same or next business day appointments for acute care.
  • Little to no office wait time.
  • A strong focus on preventive care, emphasizing being proactive in maintaining good health.

Friendly Staff

“Staff is friendly, willing to help, go that little extra. Physicians listen, willing to troubleshoot any problems!”

Positive Nature

“We loved the positive nature of the staff and their willingness to take the time needed!”

Kind & Caring

“It feels like family, everyone is so kind & caring!”