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May 13, 2020


“Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation”
-Audre Lorde

One of my favorite quotes could not be more timely! Anxiety, fear and grief are all very important and normal emotional responses to our current situation.

Allow yourself to observe and experience these feelings without judgment and with compassion towards yourself! This is basic mindfulness – self-observation without judgment.

Here are some ways to mitigate these feelings when they get big:

  • Take a moment to sit still and focus on your breath, breathe deeply and slowly, slow it down as much as is comfortable. Count your breaths.
  • Make sure you are nourished, and well-hydrated
  • Moderate the amount of exposure to media information – it is important to be informed, but not overwhelmed.
  • Develop a routine: make a schedule for yourself and try to keep it.
  • Make sure that you engage your physical body is whatever way works for you: simple yoga, at home exercises, going for a walk if you can.
  • Simple repetitive movement is particularly helpful.
  • Fresh air and nature are important. Try to engage in whatever ways that you can.
  • Try to stay connected in the ways that you can to the people who are important to you. Schedule times to interact virtually, so that you have things to look forward to and count on.
  • If you are living with others, create a space for yourself where you can be alone and quiet. Let the others know that when you are in this space, not to disturb you.
  • Remind yourself regularly of the things that you are grateful for! This is an important and research-tested practice!
  • Try to help others when you can.
  • Create whatever you can, when you can.
  • Take care of yourself, and reach out for help if you feel the need.
  • I myself, am offering sliding scale teletherapy, and can be contacted at , or by voice or text at 971-285-4594

Eliot B. Altschul, Ph.D.

March 31st, 2020

Dear Creekside Patients:

By now you’ve heard from every organization you’ve ever given your email to about their Coronavirus procedures, but not your doctor! As you can imagine, we’ve been busily researching the latest information regarding treatment and testing while we care for patients and respond to an understandably very large volume of patient phone calls and portal messages, as well as partnering with our medical community about plans for a surge in critical patients.

If you have questions, please start with the Clark County Public Health Department’s website for the most up to date information: They can also be reached at 1-800-525-0127. If after consulting those sources you still have specific questions about your health please schedule an office visit or TeleVisit. Please understand that it will take us longer than usual to return your call or portal message given our very high volume of messages, but our providers can do a TeleVisit in a scheduled appointment spot for your convenience from the safe social distance of your own home, office, or car.

We have made several changes to allow us to continue to care for you as we normally would while minimizing all of our risks of exposure to Coronavirus:

We are reserving our first morning hours for well child checks for healthy children under 5 ONLY. If you have ANY cold symptoms or fever or any other sign of illness, we respectfully ask you to reschedule to later in the day to minimize potential spread of infection. Afternoon appointments will be reserved for those sick visits that require a hands-on exam. We are converting every other possible appointment to a TeleVisit. This can be done via your smart phone. Our staff can walk you through this process.

We are closing our reception area. As you walk in we will direct you immediately back to an exam room. If our rooms are full, we will have you wait in your car until an exam room is ready for you.

We will be calling every patient prior to their appointment to ascertain each patient’s risk of Coronavirus infection to minimize risk to our other patients. For those patients with high likelihood of Coronavirus infection, we will be in full protective gear with N95 masks, gowns, eye shields, and gloves.

Our office has a long-standing practice of disinfecting all areas of our office throughout the day, and all clinic areas are disinfected prior to each patient’s visit.

Unfortunately, health care providers are at a higher risk for becoming infected as we care for patients. As we’re sure you know, you can be contagious even if you have no symptoms at all. To protect our patients and our staff, we will be wearing masks throughout every patient visit. If your children are sensitive to change please warn them that we all look a little funny.

We have an extremely limited number of Coronavirus tests. As much as we agree that everyone with symptoms should be tested, we simply do not have the tests. We are all extremely frustrated by this! But unfortunately, we need to be very judicious about whom we test, until more testing is available. Until then, per CDC guidelines, if your symptoms are mild to moderate, you are encouraged to care for yourself at home. If you need advice regarding homecare please schedule a TeleVisit.

These are trying times for all of us, patients, health care providers, and small business owners alike. We are trying very hard to continue to provide the same excellent medical care you have always experienced, but also to provide for our staff and providers in as safe an environment as possible. Please be patient as we do our best to serve all of our patients during this crisis. Help us keep you, our families, and our community safe by practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and not touching your face. Please stay home unless absolutely necessary.